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azul cielo
Hello everyone,
I'm selling all of my KAT-TUN Stuff. Sadly, I'm no longer part of the fandom and I'm in need of some cash due to my current economic situation. I hope all of this reaches good hands because I've taken good care of all my stuff. Most things are unopened unless stated otherwise. Please consider that I'm willing to negotiate prices, so feel free to bargain. More info under the cut. Thank you!

Important Note: If you are not a livejournal user (because I've been advertising this on facebook too) please don't hesitate and leave a comment with your e-mail or preferred contact channel.

+ Info and photos of the goodsCollapse )
azul cielo
28 May 2013 @ 12:35 pm
By the time everything is absolutely over, you'd probably keep rewinding the tape on your head to get just when and where you were wrong. At the end, you'll realize that to begin with, this thing you two built together, was wrong. At the very start of it, it was wrong.